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Affordable SEO in London

Not all marketing is created equal. 

With decades of experience in digital marketing, Chris and Emma at Olson Digital Marketing know that the game changes more rapidly than ever. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is still, arguably, the most effective marketing tool for the majority of businesses. 

Chris & Emma from Olson Digital Marketing

Don't get us wrong, we know other methods can work wonders (e.g. social media marketing, leaflet drops, PPC etc) but the reality is when someone is looking for goods or services and they don't already have a go-to provider (e.g. Amazon, eBay), they go to Google.

So appearing on Page 1, and ideally at/near the top, when someone searches for something a business provides is crucial. No matter how lovely the website design is, unless people are finding the site it won't matter. The amount of affordable SEO you may need will likely come down to just a handful of factors:

Visibility is the name of the SEO game.

Affordable London SEO: Competitions Levels

If you are the only game in town who do what you do, then the likelihood is you won't need to do much to dominate on Google Page 1. The reality for most business is, however, that this isn't the case. Almost all businesses face competitors in or near their towns or area. You may find that your website still doesn't appear on Google page 1 even though you don't have much local competition. In these cases, it could be that your website has been set up incorrectly or you have some technical issues that will need to be resolved. Feel free to get in touch with us if your website is not rankings. 

Affordable SEO: Keywords & ROI

As a digital marketing agency, we know that not every business has the budget for SEO, even if it is affordable. It's only affordable if you are getting a good return on investment (ROI). Across all industries and sectors, businesses will be embarking on SEO campaigns in order to get the most out of their budget. This means that you have to be offering something that people want and that people will pay you for to make up the marketing budget and more. 

Here's a little example:

Local Business 1 - Tim's Bakery

Tim owns a small bakery in town and is thinking about doing an affordable SEO campaign because he would like to compete with the bigger supermarkets in the area of Swansea. So he employs an SEO company to get him to #1 for the phrase "Bakery in Swansea" - which has over 3 million results on Google. His website is small and he's never done SEO before. 

Affordable SEO would not work for Tim.

That mountain would be such a long and hard climb it would take a huge amount of resources and work to achieve the top spot (or anywhere close) for his small, unknown website. The budgets would be high and Tim wouldn't be seeing results for many months, maybe years. And if/when he did get to Page 1? How is he going to realistically recoup the marketing budget when the items he sells are low-priced goods? He would need to sell thousands of chocolate eclairs before he would even break even. 

A better marketing strategy for Tim would be a great website design and some mouth-watering social media posts.

Local Business 2 - Sara's Car Dealership

Sara lives down the road from Tim and owns a car dealership. She is thinking of upping her marketing and wants to start appearing on Google Page 1 for the phrase "Car Dealership in Swansea" - of which there are 2 million results (so she's already in a better position than Tim!). 

An affordable SEO Campaign for Sara could be perfect to see her recoup her marketing budget and a healthy profit to boot. If she's making a decent margin on every car she sells, then being a lot more visible on search engines is going to really help - especially for a service like this that is still very searched.

Affordable London SEO: Capacity

Whilst most businesses in London want to make more money, not all of them have the capacity to grow. Without the right infrastructure in place, embarking on an SEO campaign could be a complete waste of time and, furthermore, damage your reputation if you cannot deliver to the high-standard customers are used to.

When we engage clients on an affordable SEO campaign, it's with businesses and brands that have the capacity to be busier and want to grow. For example, if you are a 1-person baker who makes bespoke birthday cakes in their spare time because you have another full-time job and a family to look after, are you really going to be able to cope with 20 more cake orders per month?

As a counterpoint, even if you are experiencing a busy period, there is no harm in engaging in an SEO campaign to keep business booming during the quieter times. Especially if you are able to create waiting lists or hire extra help to lighten the extra load. This may also give you a taste of what might happen if you choose to expand even bigger. If the appetite is there and the SEO campaign is a huge success, bringing in lots of new orders or customers, then maybe you have something worth focusing more on.

We hope this has been helpful. If you would like to work with us on an affordable SEO campaign + a FREE website, our prices start from just £599 per month (remember, be sure to know your profit margins and don't end up like Tim the baker). Please request a free online quote below. Best to let us know as much detail about your business, location, and keywords as possible so we can look into your competition levels and the local appetite. 

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