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social media marketing in London from Olson Digital Marketing

Stunning London Social Media

Olson Digital Marketing is a premier social media marketing company based in London. Our team of experts is dedicated to creating visually stunning social media platforms designed to attract followers and drive engagement.


We believe that social media is an important tool that businesses can use to reach new clients and expand their reach. Whether you need help with brand awareness or want to launch a viral social media campaign, Olson Digital Marketing is the partner you need.

1) Make sure you are planning Your Posts


Have a plan for your post before you write it - decide what the central idea is, who the audience is, and how much time you have. If you don't know your target audience, start with a general post that anyone could relate to.


Ask yourself these important questions:

How much time do I have? Do I need to edit the photos or videos before posting them? If so, what is my social media publishing deadline (what time of day should this be posted)? What's my message? What am I trying to achieve with this post-build brand awareness or sell a service or product? How many people are reading these posts (do they follow me)? Why should they care about what I'm sharing?

There are 9 steps that you can take to create stunning social media posts as a London business.

Professional social media marketing in London from Olson Digital Marketing

2) Make sure you know your social media platforms

Keep in mind that there are different platforms with certain features built for different purposes - Facebook has comments and reactions, Twitter has hashtags, Instagram has emojis.


Knowing the features of each platform will help you to better utilize them and create posts that are more effective.


For example, Facebook uses reactions to get a sense of how people feel about your post while Twitter uses hashtags to categorize messages and make it easier for others to find content.


On Instagram, emojis can help to give your posts a personality and make them more engaging.


Be sure to use the features that are available on each platform to help you tell your story in the most effective way possible.


If you're not sure how to use a feature, do some research or you can ask us here at Olson Digital Marketing for help.

At Olson Digital Marketing, we help London businesses look professional on Social Media

Can someone just hit a button and share it with their friends or followers? Is this what you want? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you understand the best journey for your social media post.


Links to websites are often best shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Whereas stunning photography has a great home on Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

5) Make your social media post shareable

Ask yourself if your content will be relevant now or later? Stick to things people care about today so they don't forget about it tomorrow.


Most people will forget what you post unless your content is highly relevant to them at that moment.

Don't be too far ahead of yourself or you'll lose track of what's going on in the present and the point might get lost. The goal here is not to predict trends, it's more about creating something worth remembering today.

3) Make sure you consider the urgency of your social media post

Think about whether something could go viral! It might not happen every time but sometimes one little thing goes viral and suddenly everyone knows who you are.

Think about things that you and your friends could find entertaining or useful, funny or shocking. If it's something people will talk about then it might go viral!

4) Make your post viral-worthy

8) Make sure the tone of the post is right

Would my friends like this post if they saw it? - It's important to think about the type of people you want as followers or likes. If they would not like it then chances are others won't either and no one will see your post!

Using social media can be very time consuming, so if you're going to invest in something it should be worth doing right.

9) Make sure you choose your media carefully

Is this the right form of media? The choice to go with an image versus a video is important, as is the look and feel of either. For example, a lot of posts that do well on Instagram are actually images showing large text (such as inspirational quotes). What's the best media type for what you want to put out there?


So there you have it, 9 steps you can take to make your social media posts stunning. If this is something you would like Olson Digital Marketing to assist you with for your brand or business, then please get in touch.

6) Make your post visually appealing

Will people want to stop and look at your post? Creating stunning social media posts can be hard, especially if you are not using the best tools to do so. There is a world of apps out there to help even novice content creators make something amazing. It's important to know them, invest in them (we highly recommend the Pro version of Canva for example), and get your branding looking consistent on them.

7) Make your post headline something to disrupt the scroll

Did I use an interesting headline or caption? Will people want to read more about what I have to say? Important questions to ask yourself, you only have a small amount of time to capture interest - otherwise, you are lost to the scroll.

Make sure anything you write is also on-brand. Social media posts that are not in the same style as your business may seem jarring to your customers, causing them to switch off. Leading us to our next step.

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