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Freelance Web Designer London

Hire a freelance web designer in London with Olson Digital Marketing to make your business more visible.

Freelance Web Designer London

The reason why many businesses opt for a freelance web designer, as opposed to a web design agency, is because they want a more personal service. 

At Olson Digital Marketing, our website design is operated on a freelance basis, meaning that our web designers are there for you at every step of the journey, ensuring that your business achieves the perfect website. We care about your success and will go above and beyond to ensure you get the most out of our marketing experience.

Tip #01: Choose a freelance web designer who cares.

Choosing the perfect web designer for your business is like hiring a new employee, we know it's a big decision. Having worked with companies, big and small, across the UK as their dedicated freelance web designer, our aim is to provide you with a professional and peaceful service at all times. 

Here's how to a hire a top freelance web designer in London.

Everyone knows that reviews are crucial, so the first stop when hiring anyone for your marketing is to check their online reputation. Whether that's Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Trustpilot etc, it all helps to just see if there are any red flags. 

After that, you can also ask your potential freelance web designer to put you in touch with a client. It may seem bold but having another company's direct feedback can help you decide whether they had similar problems to you which the web designer was able to overcome. 

At Olson Digital Marketing, we are proud of our client reviews as their freelance web designer in London.

Tip #03: See what their previous clients say.

One of the biggest frustrations for businesses is having to coordinate multiple strands of their marketing. If your SEO company isn't talking to your freelance web designer in London, and no one knows who is taking care of the social media marketing, it can create a huge gap in your company's growth.

At Olson Digital Marketing, we provide a full spectrum of marketing services for our clients, including web design, SEO, social media marketing, PPC and more.

Tip #02: Find a London web designer who can handle multiple aspects of your marketing.

Freelance web designer in London Chris Olson at Olson Digital Marketing

"Chris was fantastic with the design of our new website. We gave Chris a brief & he speedily built & designed an incredible looking website."

"I consider myself very lucky to have found Chris to take over our website design and SEO responsibilities."

"From start to finish he has shown initiative in my website redesign and made the whole process completely stress free."

Freelance London web designer Chris Olson at Olson Digital Marketing

"His knowledge about website design is fantastic and he's really good at explaining the technical stuff in simple terms."

Much like asking for reviews, asking to see a freelance web designer's portfolio is fundamental. 

Where possible, ask to see examples of their website designs in similar industries to you. Or at least for a business that has similar goals in mind to you. 

A good web designer should be able to show you excellent designs, as well as websites that show up on the first page of Google for competitive keywords. 

Many freelance web designers lack basic SEO knowledge, leaving you with a nice website that nobody can find. 

Speak to our team at Olson Digital Marketing if you have a website that isn't on Page 1 of Google.

Tip #05: Ask to see the results of their work.

The cost of a London freelance web designer is important and so is the value they are able to provide you with. A professionally made website for your business is unlikely to be cheap, so be wary of web designers promising low, low prices. However, they should be affordable and are often priced to reflect the ROI for you as their client. 

As Olson Digital Marketing, the cost of our London web designs can vary depending on the industry and location you are in. This is because we combine SEO and web design services. But starting prices are in the £500-£1000 bracket, with recommended monthly SEO plans to get you onto Page 1 of Google.

Tip #04: Find out what's included in the price of your freelance web designer.

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