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SEO Company in London

SEO Company in London

Is your London business visible where your customers are searching?

Finding an effectiv SEO company in London that is going to offer you a personal and effective service can be difficult. There are many London SEO companies out there offering search engine optimisation (SEO) but very few that can adapt to the needs of your company.


Many are SEO agencies in London who want you on their books in order to fill out their ever-growing client list so they can grow their own company. The amount of actual time they would spend on your website and your Google rankings would be quite small, as they have a ton of other things to care about and will quickly move onto new sales. 

How to find an effective SEO Company in London

Olson Digital Marketing - an SEO company in London

At Olson Digital Marketing, we don’t win unless you win, therefore clients think of us as part of their team. It’s a collaboration and we work to achieve the best rankings possible for your website and your budget. Having worked in the SEO industry for over 10 years (including for agencies) we have gathered all of the necessary skills to complete the work ourselves and to the standard that we would want if we were the client.


There is no outsourcing here, no third parties dropping the ball or miscommunicating the needs of the client. We take full responsibility for the client’s ambitions on Google and provide only top-quality SEO in order to get support them. 

Our approach as a London SEO company is a little different. 

Can I do it myself? This is a question we hear a lot and the answer is yes! You absolutely can. Much like anything in life, if you have the time and resources to learn about a topic you can get pretty far. The question is, should you? Would it be worth your while? The fact of the matter is, whether it’s a car repair, a hernia operation, or London Search Engine Optimisation, you are probably going to want a professional to do the work.


As previously mentioned, Google changes its mind all the time, so very few people have the time to stay up to date with the algorithm and core updates. Not to mention the time it takes to write unique articles on a monthly basis. 


What we include as part of our SEO services in London:


  • Website optimisation 

  • Target page optimisation (these are the specific pages you really want people to land on)

  • Unique keyword-rich blog articles

  • Monthly reporting

  • Google Analytics 

  • Google Search Console 

  • Guidance and direction on the latest changes 

  • Monthly website recommendations to improve user experience and conversions


The budget for effective SEO campaigns starts at £759 per month - which will be for up to 4 unique keywords + semi-competitive location.


Search Engine Optimisation should only really be utilised for keywords that are going to bring a decent return on investment. I.e. make sure you want to rank for something that is going to bring in the money to pay for the marketing (and, hopefully, then some). 

If you would like to find out more about choosing Olson Digital Marketing as your SEO company in London, fill out the form below.

Why choose a London SEO company like Olson Digital Marketing? 

We’ll let you in on a little one knows. It’s a recipe decided by the search engine (most commonly Google) who changes its mind on a daily, monthly, yearly basis in order to provide its customers - the people searching for things - with the best possible results. Staying up to date with these changes and ensuring a client’s website ticks all the boxes for Google is what we are passionate about - as well as providing them with bespoke SEO-enriched articles for their keywords and location. 


For example, if you ask a top-rated SEO company in London to help you grow your bakery, you may want to rank on Google page 1 when someone searches “Bakery in Camden”.


Now, there could be hundreds of thousands of results, so you need to convince Google that you are the most relevant. One of the ways we do this is by ensuring your website has optimised content with that keyword, and publishing regular SEO articles with unique content each month to also drive traffic to the website.


It sounds quite boring but we love it and it means you don’t have to. 

How does SEO work?

Some clients really enjoy being able to make edits to their websites themselves and don't mind the time being spent there. For others, they would much rather be working on the things they love than editing a website.

It all comes down to how much you value your time and your money.

For instance, have you ever thought about what your hourly rate is? What's your time worth? If it takes you 2-3 hours to make changes to your website, could that time have been better spent elsewhere? Especially if your web designer could have done it in 30 minutes?

For many small business owners, they become Jack/Jane-of-all-trades simply because they have to. Your website doesn't need to be one of those things if you have the right web designer who knows what you want, can help your business grow, and provide you with great value and service that's affordable. Being on a monthly plan with a web designer is also a great way to cut costs, whereas paying an hourly rate for a web designer can get expensive quite quickly.

"Should I edit my own website?"

What is SEO in London?

More results as an SEO Company in London

With any successful marketing campaign, there needs to be a route planned. Many businesses make the mistake of going big right off the mark and losing energy and focus quickly, leading to poor results and a large waste of money from their budget. 

Our first step when taking on a new SEO client is to plan the route we will go in order to achieve the best success for them. Often this means starting locally and then going to a wider location once we have established you. 

SEO campaigns take time, especially if you are targeting competitive locations such as London or even nationwide.

UK Film Review - London & UK SEO Campaign

UK Film Review is an entertainment website publishing film reviews and a regular film podcast.

Don't let the name fool you, they have a global reputation as one of the biggest names in independent film reviews, attracting filmmakers from across the globe. 

Their SEO campaign with Olson Digital Marketing has gone from strength to strength, starting with "Short Film Reviews London" - #1 out of 252,000,000 results (we are quite happy with that one!), and then moving on to national keywords, so just "Short Film Reviews". 

Our efforts have made UK Film Review:

#1 out of 774,000,000 results*

*correct as of Feb 28, 2024

What UK Film Review said about Olson Digital Marketing

"Choosing a London SEO company was a difficult decision for UK Film Review. We wanted a personal and reliable service and one that would get us great results. 

We are beyond happy with the SEO campaign that Olson Digital Marketing runs for us. They have delivered above and beyond what any other SEO company promised, continuously achieving exceptional rankings for our website and generating huge amounts of traffic and customers.

Olson Digital Marketing have revamped our website several times during the course of our campaign, always helping us to present a professional brand as well as adapting the site as and when the SEO game changes. They have kept us in the top positions for so many of our services and are always on hand to assist with any marketing plans we may have.

We would recommend Olson Digital Marketing to any business that wants an effective SEO company to grow with.

Our results as an SEO Company in London for UK Film Review

SEO for entertainment businesses is phenomenally difficult. You are in the race with household names, publications such as daily newspapers and magazines. We were thrilled to get UK Film Review such amazing Google visibility for phrases such as:

Top Google rankings from an SEO Company in London
SEO Specialist in London Chris Olson from Olson Digital Marketing

Meet our London SEO Expert

Chris Olson has been working in the SEO industry since 2010. He has worked with agencies and independently as a marketing consultant for a large variety of businesses. 

His key strengths as a London SEO expert include:

- Bespoke Website Design for Businesses

- Page 1 Google Rankings for London and National Keywords

- Extensive Knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation 

- Marketing Consultancy for Top UK Businesses and Brands

- Google Analytics Knowledge

- PPC Expertise 

- Social Media Management & Advertising

Our results as an SEO Company in London

We know that a London SEO agency is only as good as the results it can achieve for their clients. 

London is an incredibly competitive location for any business and, to use a running metaphor, the race started a long time ago. 

If you are a new business looking to rank on the 1st page of Google for London-based keywords, and have never had a website before, it can take a lot of time and resources to be in the top positions. 

Even if you have done SEO in London before, other businesses may have adapted better to Google's constant algorithm changes and invested in marketing techniques which are placing them above you in the search results.

So how has Olson Digital Marketing been able to get clients to the top of Google for keywords in London?

Drainsmart - a London drainage company

Our very first SEO client in London was Drainsmart.

A family-run business that is able to provide incredible drainage services across London, as well as other locations.

They were doing marketing with an existing company but when asked what this other SEO company in London was doing for them, the client said..."I'm not sure really".

This was pretty worrying and after drilling down some more it turned out the client was actually the one doing all the work! They were sending reports of their Google rankings to this SEO company who in turn thanked them and did nothing with the information. 

Once they became a client of Olson Digital Marketing, we had a strategy meeting, determined the drainage services they wanted to promote the most, and we got to work. 

What Drainsmart said about Olson Digital Marketing

"Olson Digital Marketing was recommended to me as I was unhappy with the SEO company I was with who were delivering poor results for a high fee.


We knew it was going to be major work as the whole website needed to be redesigned and reworded but Chris put our minds at ease about the size of the task and was a great help at every stage. He answered my many questions explaining in terms I could understand why it would help our business and after a short while, our new website was up and running.

Since the changeover last year, our Google insights figures have more than doubled and we have had a large increase in new customers reaching out to us.

Every so often I will ask for changes to be made or a new page added and nothing is ever too much of an ask.
I strongly recommend all of the services Olson Digital Marketing provides."

Our results as an SEO Company in London for Drainsmart

One of our proudest moments as a London SEO company was achieving a top map ranking for Drainsmart:

Top Google Map Rankings from London SEO Company Olson Digital Marketing
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