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How to make SEO affordable for your business

Getting eyes and ears these days has never been harder. With content being pushed out from all areas across countless platforms all day every day it can seem like an impossible task to get your business in front of the right people these days. That being said, almost every business out there can benefit from a great SEO plan (Search Engine Optimization). Because, whilst many people are glued to their phones watching TikToks and Reels, when it comes to purchasing a service or goods, they still go to Google.

Why is affordable SEO so important?

Unlike more direct marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click advertising, SEO takes time to build momentum. If you are starting from scratch (i.e. with no website) or basically from scratch (a website that doesn't rank very well), then you are going to want to get started as soon as you can. Depending on the keywords you are looking to rank on Google for, it could take months and even years for your website to get onto page 1 - and yes, we agree that does sound crazy but trust us it's reality in some cases.

So when a business, big or small, comes to Olson Digital Marketing looking for SEO we do our best to make it affordable. Because we know our clients will need to be in it for the long game. Investing in SEO takes time, skill, and patience. So when you are budgeting for it, make sure you can stick with it.

How long does SEO take?

Optimising a website and climbing the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) takes time. Think of it as a recipe and your website is the meal. Different aspects to the sites are ingredients and depending on how you have put them all together will depend on whether Google likes the taste. There could be some tweaking needed (let's call it seasoning) and you may need a chef who knows how to pull off some fancy techniques to really get things cooking (that's where we often come in). Hopefully, the end result is something that gets onto Google's highly coveted menu of 10 dishes (page 1 of Google).

But that's not where the story stops. No siree. Google's tastes change all the time, we call these algorithm updates, so you need to be ready (or have an SEO team at the ready) to adapt in order to keep your place. Furthermore, your competition is also making delicious dishes all the time and one of them may have cracked a fantastic recipe that makes your previously fresh website look like a dull turnip.

So in answer to how long does SEO take, the answer is complicated - see the above confusing foot/website metaphor.

So to help, here's a recent case study.

"Not in the Top 100" to Page 1 in 7 Days

We recently started working with a brilliant client in Swanley, Kent. Their health and wellness clinic provides great skin treatments and other services to local customers. They are a fairly new local business and got in touch with us regarding the outdated website design and some affordable SEO.

Right from the start we were keen to replace their existing website that simply didn't do justice to the client and her hardworking team. We remade the existing 4 page website and then launched a new one in just 7 days. Not only was the client thrilled to have something new and lovingly crafted by our website designer, they were also really happy that it climbed onto Google Page 1 for one of their top 4 keywords that day.

Whilst this won't be the same for every client, at Olson Digital Marketing we feel confident that the affordable SEO plans we provide to our clients are based on 10+ years of marketing experience can be of use to pretty much any business. Whether you are a newly found start-up or an established national brand, the end result everyone wants for their business is to be on Google Page 1. Because that's when the magic of marketing really starts to happen.


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