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The Best Places for Home Improvement 2022 near Orpington

As part of the local community of Orpington, we pride ourselves on knowing (and working with) some fabulous businesses that may benefit our readers. As 2022 proves to be yet another challenging year for the average person and family, we thought it was worth shedding a light on some of the local businesses we work with that may help you with your home improvements for 2022.

HSW Timber

Based in two locations (Chislehurst and Brasted), HSW Timber has been the local choice for a timber merchants in Kent for over 5 decades. If you have plans to improve your home in 2022, and live locally to Orpington, then HSW Timber can provide you with some of the best timber supplies to help you get the job done right. And by buying locally, you are helping to support people and the economy in the area.

Among many popular services, HSW Timber provide custom-made sheds, railway sleepers for gardens, fencing, decking and more. They source top-quality timber using responsible methods, and can even offer delivery (additional fees and distance limitations may apply).

Find out more about HSW Timber on the beautiful website we made for them -


Maybe your plans for home improvements are for a specific reason, such as the plans to sell your home. One of the most common recommendations from a home survey is to purchase an additional drain survey to ensure the drains are in full working order. This is why many people are choosing the Beckenham-based Drainsmart to perform their CCTV drain surveys in London and the surrounding areas.

It can be essential to know what's going on with your drains at any given time, and the friendly team at Drainsmart have experienced engineers who can assist with pretty much any drainage issue. Their drain surveys are really useful to buyers and sellers alike in the property market, as well as construction companies, architects etc. Much like Drainsmart, they have been part of the local Kent community for a long time and many customers trust them when it comes to anything drain-related.

Have a look at their fantastic website design - which was the very first site we launched several years ago -

A.S Cooling

After the incredible summer we have just had, more than a few local residents would have wanted air conditioning installed in their homes during those heat waves. Well, for air conditioning installation in Orpington, look no further than the team at A.S Cooling - based in Swanley Kent. A reliable and experienced AC provider, they have been installing both domestic and commercial air conditioning in properties for years, helping people stay cool in the hot weather and even warm in the cold weather (that's right, they can do both!).

Switching to air conditioning instead of using fans and heaters can help declutter your home, ensuring that your space is your own without sacrificing the environment for your family or customers. Many Orpington residents may consider installing AC in specific rooms that get particular hot, such as lofts or garden offices - the latter of which became a lot more popular following the pandemic and the working from home lifestyle which ensued.

Find out more about A.S Cooling and their air conditioning services on their shiny new website

If you are a local business and would like to be featured on our website, send us a message using the contact form below.


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