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Website Design Orpington

Website Design Orpington
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Written by Chris

Making websites has been my passion for over 10 years. Initially, I made websites for myself and spent a lot of time learning about all the different aspects that make them successful. After conversations with friends and family, many of whom have businesses in the UK needing affordable websites, I decided to start a website design company - Olson Digital Marketing - offering bespoke and stunning websites alongside phenomenal Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It has given me immense pleasure helping my friends and family’s businesses grow using the skills I have attained over the last decade. 


Many website design companies have incredible selling points - award-winning agencies with talented team members. Indeed, I have been part of that world too and it’s great! The main issue is that these agencies are primarily looking to grow themselves. They want to have more clients and more income so they can have a bigger office and more team members (not to mention a little bit more bubbly at the Christmas party). 


My approach to affordable websites is a little different. 


Businesses that work with me who want affordable websites, enjoy a more direct and personal service that adapts to your needs. My only ambition is to have a select group of fantastic clients whom I help to achieve more with their businesses. I make myself available to provide you with a stunning website, great customer service, and solutions to as many of your business challenges as possible. 


Some of the ways I can help with your website design are:

  • A website that looks stunning

  • Mobile-friendly

  • Google-friendly 

  • User-friendly 

  • SEO-optimised 

  • Unique content creation as required 

  • Graphic design - including animations 

  • Logo design 

  • Video creation 

  • Google Analytics - to understand your website users in more detail 


Do you need a website from an Orpington website designer that takes payment? 


Many businesses are requiring websites that have the ability to take payments from their customers online - perhaps to save time for their staff and/or customers. I can build in what’s called eCommerce. 


eCommerce is basically a fancy way of saying online shopping and allows your website to become an online store where you can display your products and services, and users can make purchases and/or bookings. 


What sort of things can be sold on a website? 


Businesses that have tangible products like clothes, books, bicycles, etc, can sell them online. 


Businesses that offer classes or appointments can allow users to purchase a time slot - meaning you get the money first whether they show or not! 


Businesses that sell files, e.g. music, movies, PDFs, can also sell these online using a website from Olson Digital Marketing. 


Please note: websites with eCommerce built-in are a little bit more complicated and incur certain licence fees - making them more expensive. There will also be commission fees taken by online payment vendors such as PayPal or Stripe. 

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