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New Website Design 2023: Julian Roofing Services Ltd

One of our most recent clients, Julian Roofing Services Ltd, now have a stunning new website designed by Olson Digital Marketing.

Julian Roofing Website

The client came to us with no previous online presence other than a Facebook page. They wanted a website designed that reflected the terrific roofing services they provide, which include:

The first step was to design a new homepage for them and without any previous site or content to work with, the Olson Digital Marketing team got to work using an array of bespoke, optimised copywriting, and some high-resolution stock imagery. The result is a highly optimised, professional homepage that exudes quality and great customer service.

We wanted to personalise the homepage design as much as possible, so we incorporated a new logo design for Julian Roofing Services Ltd, as well as cherry-picking some of their 5-star reviews on the platform Rated People. This really helped to make the first impression for anyone looking for roofing services a great one. We also chose a new shade of green to brand the roofing company.

Once that was ready, we showed it to the client who was happy to proceed.

We got to work on a few of the inner pages whilst also picking out a new domain for the website. We were thrilled to be able to secure -

Within a few days, we had the website up and running, with lots of work to start on the search engine optimisation (SEO).

As you might expect, roofing is an incredibly competitive industry due to the huge amounts of work involved. Also, as the client is based in Bromley, we knew they were going up against some serious competition who have been doing marketing for years, if not, decades. It was important to get off to a great start, so we have already begun work on their local directories, backlinks, social profiles, and some internal advanced optimisation and are thrilled to report the site is already on page 1 for several keywords and the location "South East London".

Our most impressive result that has been achieved for Julian Roofing Services Ltd so far is in the top 3 on the maps for the phrase "Roofing South East London"

Considering there are currently 11.2 Million results for that phrase, this is incredible to see after such a short space of time.

The client's feedback has been wonderful, leaving us a Google review which says:

It's really important to our team at Olson Digital Marketing that clients do have a "stress-free" experience when it comes to having a new website designed. So often, digital marketing can feel like a labyrinth of platforms, new technology, and terminology that doesn't make sense. We like to try and take care of all those worries for the client, focusing instead on what outcome they would like to achieve and working together to grow their local business.

If you would like to work with Olson Digital Marketing on a new 2023 website design and SEO Campaign, tell us a bit about your business using the form at the bottom of the page.


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