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Why your business needs a website that can take online payments

Having provided UK and London website design for many years, we know that all businesses have their own needs and goals. And whilst the websites we create for them differ massively in a lot of ways, in almost all of the projects there was a case to be made for making the site into what's called an eCommerce Website - that is, a website that can take online payments.

London ecommerce website design from Olson Digital Marketing

Historically, businesses felt their website was simply a rather large (and often, expensive) business card. A place their customers could go to and collect the core information, such as contact details, and opening hours, and learn about the main services. And this is actually the same way a lot of businesses are still designing their websites in 2024. Your business's website can be and do so much more than that. And taking payments plays a big part in growing your business for the future.

An eCommerce Website Design Can Be Your Entire Shop

Let's say you make and sell something. There are plenty of ways to find customers and grow your business. For many, the first thought that would pop in your head would be to open a real-life shop (remember those?). This has a certain visibility advantage but comes with incredibly large overheads, not to mention a scale problem if you could be selling your products in other towns, nationwide, globally etc.

An eCommerce website is the modern equivalent of a shop, it's your space on the "high street" (Page 1 of Google) and a place that you can showcase your products or services in the way that suits you.

A Website That Takes Payments Can Strengthen Your Processes

Let's say you run a course business, or similarly, classes (my wife and I spend a fortune on baby classes!). You may be in the habit of taking payments on the day, hoping people turn up and, if you don't have a POS method, hoping they have the right money. This situation could be massively improved by investing in an eCommerce website.

The websites that we design for our clients are able to take payments so that they have the money before they engage in any services for customers. It's a much safer way to do business and also cuts down on their own admin time. This can be further improved by using website features such as:

Automation: Send out automated receipts, invoices, thank you messages etc. Saving time as a business is vital.

Customer Management & Repeat Sales: Build your contact list of payment customers using a CRM - these people paid you before and would likely buy from you again, so keep them on file!

Intake Forms: If you need information from your customers or clients, intake payment forms can be a fantastic way of getting all the details you need, whilst taking payment at the same time.

eCommerce Websites Make Your Business More Versatile and Visible

Let's say your business is in the construction industry and you have numerous payment points that the customer has to meet. For example, a deposit to start work, a mid-way payment, and a final payment, as well as ad-hoc payment requests for extra items and materials. Having a website that can take payments can streamline this process and allow you to make the experience seamless for your customer.

If you provide an online service, such as the aforementioned courses, or perhaps you provide copywriting for websites, then taking payments online using different currencies could allow you to expand to a global audience, making your even more visible.

If you have a business in need of a website design that takes payment, tell us more on our Contact page.


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