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New Website Launch: ECO Roofing - Roofers in Bromley

After a hiatus from website design in Orpington, I was recently approached by Jerry from ECO Roofing, a company offering a variety of roofing services from experienced roofers in Bromley. He was having difficulties with his marketing, largely due to an unhelpful agency that deleted his website!

ECO Roofing Bromley
ECO Roofing Bromley

We chatted about what he needed, and the services included:

  • A stunning new website

  • Excellent onsite Search Engine Optimisation

  • A Google My Business listing

  • An official email address to email his customers

All of which I was able to help with.

His 5-page website is now live, with an additional blog and blog post. The site has been indexed by Google and is already on page 6 (previously not in the top 20 pages) for a very competitive keyword. And the Google Business listing is position 5 for a competitive keyword, has 5-star reviews from Jerry's customers, and is driving traffic to the website and generating phone calls.

ECO Roofing also now has a professional email address, on the official domain, which ensures the communication between the roofers in Bromley and their customers always looks on-brand.

This was all completed within a week, as speed was of the essence for ECO Roofing - given that their previous digital agency deleted their website and left them without any online presence. Not to mention damaging the domain authority and causing confusion for potential customers, who may have gone elsewhere due to the confusion.

Another aspect to this website design in Orpington, was the use of a holding page. Rather than wait for every page to be designed and signed off, I recommended to Jerry that we launch the homepage as soon as it was ready. This was important to ensure customers had somewhere to land from the Google Business listing, or other sources (e.g. social media). It also meant the damage with Google as a search engine could start to be repaired - after all, they really don't like sending their customers (people searching) to a website that doesn't exist.

So, was Jerry happy?

The answer is yes. He recently gave Olson Digital Marketing a glowing 5-star review on our Google Reviews page testifying how he felt about working with me as a website designer in Orpington.

If you would like help with your digital marketing, please get in touch using the contact form. I work directly with you as a partnership and can assist with any aspect that you may need help with.


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